Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catching Up!!

Memorial Day was also Nic's birthday! Grandpa and Grandma came over in the morning and Dad went and bought some trees for our front lawn! Our first landscaping project besides all the dirt that Dad has put in the back. :) Nic was having a good time on the 4 wheeler and gave Tiffany and even Grandma a ride! After we put the trees in went went to the movie Night at the Museum 2. It was so funny and a fun movie to watch! We all enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone! Nic got his yummy Reeses cake and we also watched Mall Cop. Also very funny!

We love looking outside at night from our view at our house!

Amanda's birthday was April 30th and we had a fun time celebrating that! She's 22 now and lovin it! :) Tiffany and their friend Sarah attempted throwing her a surprise party and it worked somewhat! Then they came home during the weekend and we went to dinner at Olive Garden and had a fun time! We love Amanda!!

I also wanted to add, but everyone already knows, Chelsea and Zac are PREGNANT! We are very excited and ready to be aunts, a uncle, and grandparents!!!!