Sunday, January 4, 2009

Look out American Idol! Here we come!

We were able to show our wonderful singing talents in the Wii game American Idol. With Randy, Paula, and Simon's criticism we became stars! It was so fun!


Nancy said...

Okay what happens in the Wellington family room stays in the Wellington family room!!!!! Especially when it concerns playing American Idol. After watching that video I definitely have some new resolutions for the year. I am taking voice lessons so I can beat the pants off ya all.

Zac & Chelsea said...

Okay, well........
Mom and Nancy definitely have the moves! Way to go!
Dad wow, wow all I can say is wow.
Manda I will definitely be your lover! :)
But the question is Tiffany, Nic, Holly, Heather and of course John: where are your pictures? I am sad that we missed this!
And in response to Nancy's comment this one definitely needed to be shared outside of the Wellington living room, I am thinking YOUtube. Just kidding!

Barrus Family said...

Nancy you know we love you! your just so good that i couldnt NOT put it on the blog. dont change a thing about your singing. i wish i would have remember to video everyones. next time! except for me(tiffany):)