Sunday, December 20, 2009

Graduation and Baby Blessing!

It's been a busy weekend for Zac and Chelsea. They blessed Gavin on Sunday, December 20, 2009 and had their graduation on Saturday. We are so happy and excited for them and all they have accomplished!

Proud Father :) Gavin looks so cute in his baby blessing outfit!

Uncle Nic taking care of Gavin

Here's the pictures of their graduation! Zac got his bachelor's in Accounting and Chelsea got her bachelor's in Nursing! YAY!

Gavin's shirt is really cute! It's hard to read from the picture, but it says "My parents studied together at BYU Idaho"

Elder Richard G. Scott spoke at the graduation and gave some wonderful advice and teachings. It was a great program!

Here's mom and Zac trying to pose Gavin with his shirt and a hat they got from someone. It didnt work to well. :) But he looks adorable either way.

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Nancy said...

The pictures are so fun. It was almost as good as being there! Gavin really is a cutie and Zac & Chelsea look great in their cap & gowns. We are way excited for you all!!!!!!!